The fresh chain connectors:
all year round from the grower to the consumer.

Partnership is important in order tot be able supplying super fresh vegetables, herbs and exotic fruit with a long shelf life. Xfresh is the connector between grower, retailer and food service and is a partner for retailers to directly purchase tailor-made fresh products.

In the world of fresh products, one thing above all applies: constant fresh reliable quality. This is best achieved by ensuring that the supply chain is in order and by working together for the long term. That sounds logical and simple, but it is a challenge and not always self-evident. We have good control of the cooled supply chain. The vast majority of our production comes from our own growers and always directly from the source.

We are happy to help our customers and each other towards success.

Available all year round

o Fine beans
o Spring onions
o Bimi
o Green beans
o Mangetout
o Sugar snaps
o Garden peas
o Fresh cut herbs
o Exotics tree ripened

Why Xfresh?

o Transparent
o Extra fresh and extra quality
o Cross-pollination between grower and retailer
o Short supply chain and clear agreements in advance
o Own Quadro Seal packaging facility
o Do what we promiss
o Solution-oriented and proactive
o Guaranteed all year round supply of green beans
o Tailor made and private label fresh produce
o Extra attention for innovation
o More sustainable through collaboration
o Unlimited possibilities





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